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ziq wrote

I used to think he was just a confused liberal but now I'm pretty sure he's more malicious than that. Literally every time the word 'raddit' is uttered, he rushes in to call it a honeypot, pedo ring, etc. He really doesn't want people to move off of reddit - which is an actual honeypot. They killed their warrant canary more than a year ago and have been banning prominent leftist mods for no reason. The reason I left reddit and got raddit started was because the admins were reading my pms and sending me creepy notes about what was said in those supposedly private convos.


Die_Bienen wrote

Oh that sucks.

It's so hard to know who you can trust online and who you can't. I'm glad raddit has started, because then at least radicals will have some sort of trustworthy presence online beginning to build up.


ziq wrote

Yeah, but if we're being honest, online leftists are too complacent. They know is a cesspool but still stay there and help funnel more cash at the awful rightwing survivalist that owns that site.

When a non commercial, FOSS alternative exists that was coded by scratch by comrade emma (with no help from other leftists I might add) to address all the problems reddit has and give us all a safe space with socialist ideals to congregate in, and so few people come here, well it's pretty depressing really.


tanattyn wrote

Child/teen-rapists cannot function in anarchy, so it's not even possible he's anarchist.