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OdiousOutlaw wrote

the communism subreddit doesn't consider raddle an option

Wonderful news!

arch anti tankie scum, ziq

The only title I'd actually be honored to receive. Congrats, ziq.


ziq OP wrote

I'm so happy right now omg.

-arch anti tankie scum, ziq


ziq OP wrote

my new business cards have a typo so they actually say arch anime tankie scum, ziq :(


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Here they are defending China's ethnic cleansing of muslims using literal fake news:

Here they are framing any criticism of Chinese imperialism as 'western supremacy' using a fascist meme template:


shanc wrote

Raddle is ran by a collective of people tho


ziq OP wrote

tankies are incapable of seeing beyond their great leader worldview


lori wrote

That sucks, Lemmy seems like really nice software. I've been wanting a federated Reddit alternative.


ziq OP wrote

If he actually gave a shit about communism, he would have improved postmill so raddle could be federated (or better yet: actually decentralized) instead of making a competing platform just so he can rule it.