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Reunion wrote

Refugee here. Just got a 3 day ban from reddit for saying "slave owners should be forcibly removed from existence."

Now I don't know. but as a black guy there's just something about slave owners that tends to make me be a little harsh towards them. It's not like I have a 500 year long list of grievances.

I was about done with that site anyway. Its about time for me to log off, and start doing some true praxis. Most likely involving my animation skills.

Just kinda sucks how in most online spheres you're not allowed to even disassociate from white supremacy meanwhile white supremacist are murdering people in mass while my local state l.t governor tells me to leave my home, and stay out because I'm not a Nazi. As I now see horse back cops dragging people into the prison slavely complex.
Just lowering the flag by a few feet won't cut it anymore.