Woo! We now support direct image uploads!

Submitted by ziq in lobby

You no longer need to use external image hosts to share your memes. Just click Submit, and click "Image" under "Create submission" to upload your image.

w/donate to /u/emma to show your gratitude. She's been working to get this feature up and running for a long fucking time.



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Pop wrote

Nice job good people


ziq OP wrote

Wish I had a bunch of great memes ready to post. I'm too tired to make some.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Hey, btw is there a link to the code in postmill which relates to this update? I was wondering if it would be possible to expand the feature to also allow audio files to be uploaded, but I want to take a look myself and contribute if i am able.


bloodrose wrote

Every time I try to donate to your librepay, ziq, i get an error message

And I don't do bitcoin for dear Emma.

This sucks.


ziq OP wrote

Weird. I wonder if that's why no one has ever donated to me. Fuck it, I'll just use patreon.


bloodrose wrote

Every time you mention donations, I try to give you a few bucks but both the site and paypal bitch about it. Then I forget to complain to you about it and the cycle repeats. Let me know if you get something up. I wanna help with costs a bit.