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ziq OP wrote (edited )

They have labeled in their f/anarchism forum individualist tendencies as "pragmatic anarchism" and all other "social anarchism" tendencies as "theoretical anarchism" because this mod believes that they are impossible to achieve

My wiki doesn't say anything about "pragmatic anarchism". It says applied anarchism and theoretical anarchism. I made a thread to discuss the changes as I work to shift it away from the individualist/socialist sectarian divide and more towards the spirit of anarchist-without-adjectives.

Something being theoretical doesn't mean it's impossible to achieve. The word 'theory' isn't a put-down.

One of raddle's founders has decided that anarcho-communism is irredeemably utopian.

Let's ask spez what he thinks of anarcho-communism since you clearly have no problem using a site that far-right douche founded.

Meanwhile, the place, which they tout as a truly anarchist space

No. We say it's a site managed by anarchist principles. Never has any admin claimed raddle is a "truly anarchist space".

is a dumpster fire of melodramatics and bullying

You say on reddit. As you attack raddle in a melodramatic manner because I disagreed with you once.

I watched moderators in their chat talk brag about goading problematic users into openly violating their AOP so that they could ban them.

Um. So those mods were wrong to expose fascists? Wrong to ban them after they were exposed? What exactly is the complaint here?

I feel comfortable ignoring anything that originates from there.

I feel comfortable ignoring everything that originates from your shitty ideologue mouth.

/u/tpedes on raddle before deleting their account tried to accuse me of being privileged for not being an ancom:

Essentially, it's a bad-faith head game, and, to be transparent, I think it's primarily a head game of the privileged.

I responded:

What better way to engage in bad faith headgames than to accuse me of being privileged for not seeing the world in black and white as you do? For seeing suffering in the world and wanting to understand it, instead of just handwaving it away by yearning for wishful utopian ideologies designed to energize European factory workers from the 1800s?

And they deleted their account, went back to reddit and are now badmouthing the whole site because I dared to... not be an ancom?

Toxic collectivism in a nutshell.