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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Same stuff I always do; try to dismantle the world, building material alternatives to it in the present. It's the most peace I can get from everything.

Some nice directions to move in:
Indigenous seed revivalism and drought-resistant seed cultivation together with broader projects of food sovereignty/autonomy focused on the bioregions you spend most of you time in. Bioregional model a la Desert. (Though I've listed some of my criticisms of Desert in the comment chain here). Finding ways to help people who will be more fucked than you by climate is also super useful and works towards building the kind of solidarity that is necessary to unmake this world.

But also, attack is one of the best defenses, and sabotaging/dismantling local industry, and eating the rich/cops/military/fascists is is good work when done smartly and considerately :)


[deleted] 0 wrote


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I don't have a fixed place that I live, though I spend most of my time in cities. I'm not sure what your suburbia looks like, but I don't see why you couldn't find meaningful forms of resistance in them.


ziq wrote

Been planting more and more edible desert plants as I realize I can't rely on trees much longer.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I'm interested to hear more about edible desert plants.


rogerbells wrote (edited )

Here's some edible desert plants you should check out:

And grow some succulents if you haven't, you'll feel happier. Trust me


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

I have been collecting dozens of cubic yards of mulch. I am somewhere north of 150 cubic yards. The arborists in my area are dealing with tons of fallen trees after the heavy storms.

I have been dragging my little wagon dumping 4-6" layers all over my property. Come this fall I want to start planting trees everywhere. There are so many vacant lots in my town I don't think anyone is going to bat an eye if someone plants a couple dozen trees in each lot. I am sticking to trees that are native to my area with a preference for those that are drought tolerant.


MichaelPemulis wrote

im of the opinion that things have already - most likely - progressed to the point of no return and that we're now locked in to a death-spiral of negative feedback loops. it's too late to effect any meaningful change or mitigate the worst outcomes of climate change. as such, I consciously choose to embrace hope not as a belief that things can be fixed, but as a philosophical stance that regardless of what the future holds (which tbh seems impossibly bleak), i will continue to do my damnedest to: support those who fight to make the world a better place, inject as much love/empathy/compassion I can into my day-to-day interactions w/folk, slow down to appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature, and fucking go down fighting regardless of the inherent futility in doing so.

i spent years as an IV heroin addict playing daily russian roulette with fentanyl/H and have watched countless loved ones die around me so im not too concerned about death itself. the knowledge that I can opt out of this world at any time is a great comfort to me and i have certainly rolled that dice a few times. but because ive won the lottery of having been born into privilege (middle class, "developed" country, white) i believe i absofuckinglutely have a moral imperative - regardless of my personal suffering - to stick around, support/love my comrades, and keep fighting for what i believe to be true and good.

to quote frightened rabbit, "while im alive, I'll make tiny changes to earth"