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comrade_pikachu wrote

I'm surprised this site is still alive when it's so disgustingly anti-communist even though it brands itself as a site for communists.


ziq wrote (edited )

Raddle is a FOSS pro-privacy, ad-free link aggregator with anti-oppression safeguards built into the terms of service. It is managed by anarchist principles: We promise full moderator transparency / accountability and community involvement in decision making.


comrade_pikachu wrote

Ziq don't pretend you welcome communists. I saw what happened when a communist tried to make a subreddit and you deleted it (/f/communists) and banned him for being a communist.


ziq wrote

Genocide apologism and transphobia both firmly violate raddle's terms of service:


If you want to defend awful atrocities and promote class reductionist trans-exclusionary politics - then do it some place else. I recommend leftypol or r/communism: both those places are filled with "communists" just as fucked up as /u/mao.


celebratedrecluse wrote

it doesn't brand itself as a site for communists, and I wouldn't regard the posters on here as anti-communist. at most, people are just not communist-- anticommunist implies to me a reactionary positionality which nobody in good faith has here. but i'm a communist, and i'm here.


comrade_pikachu wrote (edited )

Are you really a communist though or are you an anarchist?

edit. Just clicked your profile and see you droning on about anarchism for hundreds of words...


[deleted] wrote


shanc wrote

There is only one true immortal science and that is the revolutionary dialectics of Marxist-Leninist-Maoaoism with Castroist tendancies!


celebratedrecluse wrote

I'm both, i don't see how you can be one without the other, but i have always been willing to work with most other communists so long as our proximate goals/projects coincide.


Bob_Avakian wrote

Your MLM card has been revoked for even posting here. You must be a level 4 tankie MLM or above to interact with anarchists, lest you be brainwashed.