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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Thanks for the heads up. Global ban administered to this loser. A reminder that you can block PMs in your settings.


bloodrose wrote

Thanks for banning them. The message I got was creepy. However, I don't want to block PMs because I want to be able to have PM convos with other users.


bloodrose wrote

I got one, too, from the same person. I feel like I truly belong now. :-p


Angela wrote

Fuck them. Don’t let them get to you.


existential1 OP wrote

Oh it doesn't. I'm actually really excited about it. It's the old, "You know if you're getting shit done if you got enemies" thing. Unfortunately, trolls can't actually ever hit me in the feels cuz that can really only be done through isolation. But a troll that doesn't post is an oxymoron.