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ziq wrote

Because tankies are fascists and leftypol is the truest interpretation of what they are. Of course they love the place.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Yeah, leftypol is really toxic. Unfortunately language is imbued with power, it is not a segregated quantity devoid of political meaning. This is in fact why people find leftypol discourse amusing and effective, so even they will acknowledge that, usually justifying their use by saying "well we are taking back this type of discourse to take away linguistic power from fascists like them"

But this truth also means that when one tries to appropriate the language which is used by the oppressor, it inevitably reifies the language of the oppressor.

(edit: by this, i mean that in my opinion it is not really a good idea to try and take sets of slurs or problematic speech and turn it into a language. there are some examples of this working with specific words-- queer, n-word, etc-- but it generally doesn't work with an entire field of discourse or jargon. in my opinion it is a much safer and more effective praxis to create your own discourse instead of taking fascists' wholesale lol)

By using websites like reddit, facebook, 4chan, the power of the state & market & specifically fascist elites which control these channels of communication is measurably increased. And what's worse, such discourse elides the oppressive dynamics inherent to any person within the discourse community it creates, which enables privilege to re-assert itself in insidious ways and shut down opportunities to push radical conversations in a better direction. Mostly none of them really understand this, and so they are ineffective against the fascist creep. It is the same critique i would have of many chapo bros on reddit, but honestly much more exaggerated because of the even greater proximity to terrible spaces like /b/ and /pol/


chokingvictim wrote

reminder that you get banned for posting about rojava there