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Incognito wrote

Trying to live a more simple life. It is hard to move away from decades of habits and indoctrination. All the while trying to keep myself mentally safe.


ziq wrote

Just cleaning takes so much time. Whenever I open a window the whole place gets covered in dirt.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote (edited )

Almost done with an 84 hour work week (two full-time jobs, not one super long job), looking forward to taking a nap and sleeping tonight before working overnight sat and sun and the week starting over again.

My kids are doing super well, finishing their school year (homeschooled), my landlord came over and had a heart-to-heart, which led to them backing off of wanting to sell their house out from under my family. My oldest two kids just got back from an LGBT summer camp, which I think was really supportive and beneficial and empowering for them. My partner is an amazing woman. Plus, it's finally getting warm, so my personal life is really good right now.

I am pretty upset by the way my 'comrades' here on raddle are handling conflict at the moment. We really need to step up our game when it comes to protecting our trans and other marginalized/vulnerable comrades, and have a much better practice of self-critique. Handling things like this is one of the most important parts of revolution/radical organizing/building radical spaces.



84 hour work week?!?!


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Yep. 84. Welcome to the future envisioned by our neoliberal overlords.

So, even if you live in a "progressive" state with a democratic super-majority, your taxes are astronomical, the cost of living is massive, affordable housing is non-existent, so if you want to buy land for your anarchist dreams, you gotta do some stuff that's insane.


bloodrose wrote

I have been waiting all week to tell you lovely people about something I learned happened last Friday. The company I work for shut down its R&D office in China. A couple of higher-ups in our company flew to China to do the layoffs. At one point, the lawyers helping them do the layoffs told them they needed to leave the building now because this is when employees tend to take hostages. They had to have a swat team escort them out of the building. The people who had to be escorted out are still very butthurt over the whole thing. I fucking love it. I like that there is a place where bosses have to fear their workers, even if only a little bit.

I'm still having health problems that I am starting to believe are completely from sitting at work for so many hours. I have a little bit of schadenfreude about the way the bosses felt probably because I feel overworked and abused by the bosses, lol.


Basil wrote

Trying to learn Trombone. Should be a fun time.


heckthepolice2 wrote

A friend kinda last-minute asked me to prom, which is tomorrow, so that fucked up my plans to be a cool loner and stay home but hopefully it'll be fun

No fucking clue what I'm gonna do this summer

Oh, and my birthday is soon. I keep forgetting that. I think the only thing I asked for was a mandolin.


Cheeks wrote (edited )

There seems to be some infighting around the proverbial watercooler. Most of what I'm reading it's simple shit that is only relevant when we aren't being inclusive. I'm not saying that tankies need a platform here, cause they don't. I am saying that we need to be less critical of each other and more critical of those that our at war with are base values. We are highly analytical by nature but that doesn't mean we aren't allies. Let's keep our shit together and give hell to the rest. We know where we all stand and why we are here. The rest aren't necessary though we can give them a home.-edit- unless harm to us is part of thier program or a refusal to follow our agreed upon tos applies. - edit -


hasbrochem wrote

this has more to do with ignoring particularly the voices of our trans femmes and whether this is not only a safe place for them but whether people actually stand on the same side as them and are willing to fight for and with them. as toast already mentioned in another thread by n_n which is about this and not some other shit, gladra and clouds (and others) have gone over this in great detail and on the former's one can still see many of their comments, which have been ignored. again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and... bandaids can't fix a wound that needs stitches or amputation.


mofongo OP wrote

whether people actually stand on the same side as them and are willing to fight for and with them.

This is how I how see it and how I want it to feel like.


hasbrochem wrote

Perhaps you should speak up in my post then so they know this as well because their silence continues to be deafening.


mofongo OP wrote

What's the point of promising when is not accompanied with action? I'll have something to say over the weekend.


JayGrym wrote

I need to rewatch Mr. Robot but I've been trying to finish Zoo


Catsforfun wrote

not sure what the best way to stay alive is


chokingvictim wrote

learning to speedrun a hat in time so i can stream over the summer!


Pop wrote

f/collapse seems like a fucking boring waste of time these days with how much terrible shit is going on all the time now


ego_mutt wrote

Going on a hike tomorrow morning, can't sleep for shit. Been trying to lose weight recently, fasting, the hunger worsens the insomnia.


br_md wrote

Lol I got censored the moment I posted for being critical of the management.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

If I'd censored you I would have deleted your post. Learn about what censoring is. You've made an account and your post right in the middle of a swarm of new troll accounts. It's not hard to make a judgement call.


mofongo OP wrote

I banned a dr_md for saying the n word non stop. I had to delete their comments.