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hermit_dragon wrote (edited )

Holy fucking wow I just went over that exchange in your history.

Not ok. Suicide goading is serious imo, and the ableism on display is virulent. shaking my head

I'll do violence to a nazi any fucking day [edit: meaning I get that sometimes we say stuff like that here] but what GS did there is beyond the pale imo.

Nothing in ToS about suicide goading, wish there was :/


blog wrote (edited )

In retrospect I could have handled myself in that convo better but it got so weirdly hostile so fast I was definitely caught off-guard and triggered to shit. There was an additional /f/meta thread somebody else created where it just got worse and worse over the course of a day before admins deleted it.

It was bad shit. Point is, there are some toxic things in this community. I've seen site users publicly state they feel uncomfortable discussing their identities here within the last day.

And I think that gets to an interesting point about ace exclusionism. They say they're not against aces and that it's just about being clear about who's queer and who's not. But anyone who's paying attention must have noticed the chilling and hostile atmosphere towards aces (edit: or for that matter anyone who speaks up for them) this rhetoric creates, and the way in which queer aces get swept up into the frenzy. They're construed as outsiders and invaders who can't be trusted. In spite of exclusionists' denials it seems profoundly reactionary and frankly bigoted.