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meo wrote

So a wikipedia article is an authorative subject on queer issues and whether or not ace people are involved with them?

I said nothing like that? I merely said a brief look at the article and the sources it links to would lead you to ace people talking about the discrimination they've faced. Having looked through this thread more closely though it seems if you saw any of those examples you'd just say it's solely about misogyny, because apparently it's impossible for people to be discriminated against for multiple reasons.

Acephobia isn't any kind of structural thing, it doesn't exist outside of "allo" LGBT folk not liking you very much because of your constant puritan moral grandstanding and cooption of lgbt causes.

I don't think I'm going to bother responding after this. If you're really going to be adamant that acephobia doesn't exist, it doesn't seem like anything I have to say is going to have any affect on you. Also, in regards to the scare quotes around allo: are you suggesting ace people's identities aren't even real? Allo is literally just the opposite of ace, if you think allo isn't a proper term that seems to be what you're suggesting.