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I took some time this week to finish up a total do-over of and it's very different, jaja. Mainly it's backed on IPFS now for storage-- so files are now, hypothetically, perfectly distributed and permanent (yayy buzzwords)!

There is one change in functionality: when you upload a file, the file is added to the IPFS node (and a hash is generated, like QmXfviZGH2CzqpqoXhoNyMsg3bL4pvP…), and can be accessed at….
To make that all less of a hassle, the file-name (either the one you give or the one that comes with the file) is used to make a shortened URL by default, that'll redirect to the IPFS link. (I.E.,

You'll get a nice, short link with the file-name, just like before-- but it'll redirect people to the less-pretty, longer IPFS hash.

Hope you all like the changes (or at least don't mind them too badly).



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n_n wrote (edited )

yayy buzzwords


Thanks for your work! <3


throwaway wrote

Thanks for your continued work, this is awesome. It also makes the whole ordeal a good bit more secure.


boringskip wrote

is there a way to use the firefox extension to load it with local ipfs?


jaidedctrl OP wrote (edited )

yea, you can use IPFS Companion, and it'll automatically redirect all IPFS gateway stuff to your local one.
(it'll be slower, because most of the time the only node with a file is the node itself, but you'd be helping with that! =w=)


mofongo wrote

I'm getting a 503 error most of the time.


jaidedctrl OP wrote

Have you had issues since..? I'm pretty sure I fixed everything, just wanna be sure.


mofongo wrote

No, no issues since I've made this comment. Thanks.