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bloodrose wrote

Never heard of it before now. It sounds similar to Mosquito Coast. I will try to watch it now that I know it exists.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I liked it. Plato + anticiv are two good boxes to tick for me. Even the Chomsky thing is a box in some sense.

It's been talked about before on the site but for some reason it's not searchable.

I also watched it with a liberal once and they ended up interpreting it as "well see that lifeway ultimately doesn't work", which I thought was a weird direction to take it.


ego_mutt wrote (edited )

It was okay

Edit: I guess I should explain a bit more. I think it did a good job actually keeping the politics accurate without fetishizing either anti-civ or liberalism. The mother falling to depression under an anti-civ lifestyle was definitely the most important plot point of the movie to me, as well as the father conceding his radicalism at the resolution to let his children live a more typical, "liberal" life.

I thought a couple of the jokes were pretty funny, like "Chomsky Day" instead of Christmas, and the father smugly telling his son to "rationally debate" him on why they should celebrate Christmas instead. The eldest son having no clue how to interact with ""civilized"" girls his age was also hilarious.

Bittersweet movie, 7/10


ego_mutt wrote

Replying to Tequila_Wolf (#121,699)

My interpretation was "that lifestyle doesnt ultimately work for everyone". I don't think it would work for me. But anti-civs have good points about a lot of things and they should be able to do what works for them.