Feeling a little, I'm not really sure what

Submitted by baconwafflemonster in lobby

Last night I got home to my flat on the top floor of the building. I looked out my window and saw two giant objects just sort of hanging out over the city. I don't buy into ufo/alien things (I did when I was younger) and there are airfields, civilian and military, nearby. But these things were huge and were hanging out for about an hour. The video I took is really grainy (has to be, right?) and you can't see the detail very well but if I hadn't taken some video I would definitely think I had imagined it as there's nothing about it in the news or even conspiracy blogs or whatever (at least from some basic searches to see if anyone said anything). Anywho, just wanted to tell someone.



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alex wrote

it’s probably aliens or at least a secret government thing


Witchman05 wrote

Maybe they're the Bacon Waffle Monster Guard, here to return you to your home planet.


ziq wrote

I saw a UFO that looked like that once, also at night.


baconwafflemonster OP wrote

the video doesn't do it justice either, as I'm sure you know, there were red, blue and yellow lights (only the yellow/white ones show up in the video). I didn't realize just how big they were until they started to move away from where I initially saw them and as they got quite a bit further away and I could still make out most everything clearly, it blew my fucking mind.

my guess is that they're likely government/military since they have at least one airfield nearby. kind of surreal. Hopefully the UFO you saw didn't take any animals.


rot wrote

I kinda convinced that most of the ufos seen in my area are cruse missile tests or something the airforce is doing, like training flares.