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aiwendil wrote

I personally think the email thing is common sense. If you want to be able to block abusive people, you need to make it more difficult for them to just re-register a new nick every time you ban them. Eventually they will go away if you make them jump through enough hoops... Not really a bad idea in my opinion.

Also they can't so much be blamed for the warrant canary. If you are based in the US and you get served, you don't have much of a choice. At least they have some way of being honest with you about it unlike Facebook or Twitter.

I think what makes reddit suck more than anything is the users and the admins are just kind of abusive and shitty people with terrible political inclinations since Aaron Schwartz left. I don't know anything about the current admins except that they let too much hate speech take place on that site and if I were running it I'd be getting heavy handed with the ban hammer.


BlackFlagged wrote

It's been almost 2 years since the warrant canary died and they haven't said a word. They would legally be allowed to reveal what data was compromised by now.


aiwendil wrote

I think you should just assume that anything you ever wrote on there is compromised and you should do the same with every single unencrypted packet you send across the internet.