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emma wrote


have a nice weekend


bloodrose wrote

I've been learning about wattle and daub houses. I definitely want a wattle and daub house now. Anyone here ever made one?


ziq wrote

Lol it's almost saturday.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

I can't get over how pretty Postmill is now. I don't even miss the DIY themes.


86944 wrote (edited )

So, firefox just shat itself and killed all extensions. It also effected tor. thoughts?

I hope no one in a dangerous situation who relies on Tor gets killed because of this.


GrimWillow wrote

I still lurk here, even if I haven't posted much lately. Been pretty busy.

Had a nice job lined up. It was perfect until a conversation with the employer revealed that we are not fond of each other's politics. We both instantly rejected each other at that, lol. Fuck that guy. Fuck doing anything that benefits that person.

Otherwise, my friends and I did some mayday actions that we are proud of, and I've been really enjoying the weather.

Good to see the site continuing to thrive. :)