Fatum Bot (Let's Break Determinism Together!) github.com

Submitted by TRANSPHOBESGETTHEWALL in lobby (edited )

So while browsing r/situationism I across the Fantum bot -- it's built around a project that attempts to 'experiment' with deterministic fate; the idea that you are a product of your environment, and that any choice you make isn't really a choice, because everything in the universe has led up to the exact set of circumstances that led you to do exactly what you are doing. You live in your own reality-tunnel (These aren't literally new world's, just different perceptions of the one we live in.)

Fatum Bot

The project exists on the idea that the universe is in the region of predetermination. True randomness exists only on a quantum level, so by using a quantum random generator, you are hacking determinism. What happens if you collide with someone else's tunnel of reality!?

You tell the bot where you live and the bot places attractor points on a map of your local area using random numbers pulled from: random numberz (the random numbers are generated in real-time in our lab by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.)

For further reading into the theory behind the project: Fatum Theory

TL;DR: a bot gives you coordinates to a new place. Something of mild importance could be there, something life changing, or you might end up in a parallel universe.


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