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ziq wrote (edited ) was one of the sites. The others I saw were blogs / tumblrs and twitter accounts.

I don't have facebook but someone who does sent me some of the comments from various groups:

The "fully-automated luxury space communism" meme that you see passed around is pretty much Bookchin's "post-scarcity" utopian lie in a nutshell.

Anyway, nice to see someone with a much stronger stomach than I have took the effort to dismantle all of Bookchin's ideas. I usually get nauseous at the thought of even thinking about him.

Pretty interesting read, i'll admit i liked a lot of bookchin's thoughts so now im kinda thinking, well back to the drawing board.

Good to look over this tendency of so called "social anarchism" and later "communalism". Bookchin was a very ambitious type who aggressively created straw men out of his opponents or competing ideas. I was once a "Bookchinite", and living so close to Vermont, had met him there at the "Institute for Social Ecology" Another minor cult. Where I had to part ways was over his Libertarian Municipalism, which was a program of electoral participation in city politics.:

I will also add that it wasn't just the electoral politics program that disillusioned me about Social Ecology /Libertarian Municipalism. Bookchin and his crew were likely traditional old-left Bakuninist anarchists, but their analysis of the domination and exploitation of nature had not evolved with other currents after the first Green wave, starting in the 60s. Bookchin was an urbanocentric libertarian, nature was to be turned into a garden, the problems of technology were about control and "appropriate technology". Naive and unsophisticated approaches that are surprisingly still spouted by a number of anarcho-communists. To this day, it is taboo in this left to bring up the possibility that there's overpopulation (of humans, not seals or coyotes..) Because some right-wing racists talk about overpopulation, libertarians and the left can't, so the illogic goes. Could lead to genocide, or authoritarian one-child policies.