Raddle / postmill is now totally mobile friendly! That and other new features were added today

Submitted by ziq admin in lobby (edited )

  • Long comment chains used to be impossible to read on mobile, but emma removed the margin for nested comments and that fixed that long standing issue. This site now works better on mobile than reddit.

  • The /forums page also been completely overhauled. Take a look.

  • Search terms are now highlighted when you do a search.

  • There's now a streamlined "actions" menu for mods.

  • You can now permanently delete your private messages from your inbox, which was long requested.

Give your thanks to u /u/emma by donating.

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Cheeks wrote

Damn good job as usual!


Fossidarity wrote

I like all the changes so far, great job!


ziq OP wrote

Loving the pink links.


ziq OP wrote

[OP], nice :)


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Selected text is red now! :))))

EDIT: And the sidebar is totally changed too!


ziq OP wrote

Just noticed you can change the fonts the site uses in your user settings now.