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Pop wrote

I would like to see Ursula Le Guin's stuff there (The Dispossessed, Left Hand of Darkness)

and Homage to Catalonia

and Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs

I'm a bit reluctant to link to libgen since I think they change their web address often

also while we're here we might want to think about other media than just written stuff, like movies?


kestrel77 wrote

really almost all of le guin's stuff counts, but another book of hers that i really like that i find is discussed less in radical circles is the lathe of heaven. like the dispossessed is the most obviously anarchist of her works, but lathe is about a man who finds that his dreams begin to change reality. he goes to seek psychiatric help and his psychiatrist develops a machine to control his dreams and "improve" the world. you can maybe already see the analogies and parallels... it's an amazing book, one of her less well known, but i highly recommend it all the time.


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm gonna put all the texts in the wiki so they're hosted on raddle, along with links to epubs, pdfs and the like.

Let's do movies and images in separate threads after we finish up this one, good idea tho.


writinglucy wrote

How can I contribute? Should I just list all of the books that I think they should be included or is there some way I can contribute more directly?