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wildcat wrote (edited )

"Anarchy", Errico Malatesta
-My favourite introductory text on anarchist-communism.

"God and the State", Mikhail Bakunin

"Marxism, Freedom and the State", Mikhail Bakunin
-The anarchist case against the dictatorship of the proletariat

"Mutual Aid", Peter Kropotkin

"Anarchism and Other Essays", Emma Goldman
-The first chapter, "Anarchism: What it Really Stands For", is a brilliant foundational text.

"Anarchism: from theory to practice", Daniel Guerin

"Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism", Rudolf Rocker

"Fighting for ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle", Solidarity Federation
-A more contemporary introduction to anarcho-syndicalism

"Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists", Dielo Truda (Workers’ Cause)
-Historical importance (platformism)

"The Anarchist Synthesis", Sébastien Faure
-Historical importance (synthesis anarchism)

"At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics", Anonymous
-Compelling introduction to insurrectionism

"Socialism, Anarchism And Feminism", Carol Ehrlich

"The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement", Anonymous
-Insurrectionist classic

"Listen, Marxist!", Murray Bookchin

"The Abolition of Work", Bob Black

"The Negativity of Anarchism", David Wieck
-Good basic analysis of what ties all variations of anarchism together

"The Anarchist Tension", Alfredo M. Bonanno
-Reevaluation of anarchism from insurrectionist perspective

"From Democracy to Freedom", CrimethInc.
-Best overview of anarchist critique of democracy

"Obsolete communism: The left wing alternative", Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit
-An account of the May '68 uprising

"Deserting the Digital Utopia", CrimethInc.
-Important reality check in this digital age

"What is Security Culture?", CrimethInc

"Toward the Creative Nothing", Renzo Novatore

"The Kronstadt Uprising of 1921", Ida Mett

"The End of Anarchism?", Luigi Galleani

"Postanarchism in a Nutshell", Jason Adams


"When Insurrections Die", Gilles Dauvé
-Brilliant critique from communisation tendency that anarchists should read.

"Capitalism and Communism", Gilles Dauvé

"The Reproduction of Everyday Life", Fredy Perlman
-Good intro to some Marxist concepts such as alienation, commodity fetishism, etc.

"An Introduction to the Situationists", Jan D. Matthews

"The Society of the Spectacle", Guy Debord
-Foundational situ text

"The Revolution of Everyday Life", Raoul Vaneigem
-Situ text, influenced anarchism post-68

"The Soul of Man under Socialism", Oscar Wilde
-The artists, and individualists, case for libertarian socialism

"Civil Disobedience", Henry David Thoreau

"Discourse on Voluntary Servitude", Étienne De La Boétie