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nostateuniversity wrote

I've been on-off lurking raddle for a year or two but finally got around to making an account so just wanted to say hi to anyone who sees this :)


black_fox wrote

finally listened to a whole episode of Anarchy Bang recently and it’s my new favorite podcast. will probably go back and listen to old episodes, which i never do. it got me excited

i want to start writing again. i used to write poetry but now i’m thinking of trying fiction. seems daunting but i haven’t done anything creative in a while and i’m getting that itch. might record some music soon which is exciting as i’ve been a musician my whole life, but haven’t made much in the past few years

hope everyone has a good weeek


VoidOutput wrote (edited )

Work was complete bullshit this week and especially today. So with a friend & colleague, we ended up skipping this shift and spending the afternoon walking downtown and having a deep talk about things. Salary's gonna take a hit, don't care, worth it.


mofongo wrote

Week 1: it's been interesting, I finally did all chores and can stay at home for the rest of the week. It's amazing how much time they take even when they only eat and sleep. For most part, I think we're doing OK.

Got tired of waiting for a loaned TV or monitor, so I'll just watch everything on the tiny screen of the phone.


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ziq wrote

Do you only get high on friday? I've noticed every friday you post a drug report.


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ziq wrote (edited by a moderator )

Sounds like you're doing school all wrong.


bloodrose wrote

I made my first pie ever this week. It turned out okay.

Daylight savings time was this week. I went home at 5pm one day this week and was blown away by how beautiful it was outside. I realized this was what afternoon normally looks like and I just never see afternoons because I'm indoors working. That made me very desirous of seeing more afternoons. They're quite lovely.