Updates for this week: time filters and interface changes !

Submitted by VoidOutput in lobby

Hello everyone!

We have implemented something you may like: time filters. Now, when visiting Top, Controversial or Most Commented, you can select which period of time you're interested in: "all time" (what we've had before), "last year", "last month", "last week" and "last 24 hours".

Overall this follows the convention seen on reddit, so if you know that system you shouldn't have too much trouble. However if you're confused, try the following links to see the feature in action! You'll get the gist of it very quickly.


We've also changed quite a bit of things when it comes to themes and the underlying code (CSS) so your favorite theme might be broken while its maintainer updates it. Work by /u/emma on the CSS will continue in future updates. For now you can see the results here: tables and tabs have changed for instance.

In the background, /u/emma and /u/Fossidarity have put a lot of work on an API for Postmill and by extension Raddle. It's something that permits anyone to list and interact with the Raddle posts and comments in a simple and secure way. This will allow things like mobile apps, more powerful bots, and a whole lot more that we can't imagine yet.

Some fluff as a bonus: when there are no posts, there will be a notice instead of a blank page.

If you want to encourage development of new features on Raddle, please donate what you can to /u/emma through Bitcoin. Here's her address:



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alex wrote

oo and i get a little circle-y thing when i upvote


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Here we go! The last advantage that reddit (old website) had in usability over raddle is gone. Raddle is definitely better than reddit, especially with their shitty new version.

thanks /u/emma, voidoutput and /u/Fossidarity!


ziq wrote

That new reddit is unusable, what were they thinking.


VoidOutput OP wrote

Some people may think unusable is an exageration but on my laptop I literally cannot go to /r/videos/top and let it load 3 more pages without my tab crashing.


pearl wrote

More executed script, and more ways to track and otherwise profit off of users. Usability is an afterthought.


Mango wrote

guys can you fix the search thing? if you are on onion link when you search the dork showed onion link and DDG said it was invalid