ANNOUNCEMENT: Raddle / Postmill are now color-blind accessible! That and other updates were just implemented by /u/emma

Submitted by ziq admin in lobby

By some estimates, up to 10% of the male population of the world suffers from some form of color blindness. The most common being Protanopia, or Red-Green color blindness, the inability to distinguish between red and green hues. There is also Blue-Yellow color blindness and Total Color blindness.

Good web designers spend an awful lot of time tinkering and tweaking websites to accommodate users using a huge variety of web browsers and even screen readers. This type of work involves tons of testing, hair-pulling hacks, and sleepless nights, all to accommodate small percentages of viewers here and there. Of course, accessibility is important, so it's worth it.

Emma worked hard to make sure the new color scheme would be color-blind accessible. Here's the list of all recent updates:

You'll notice nightmode has been completely overhauled (assuming you're using the default theme). There are still some minor bugs to iron out such as the tables, but I think this is a big improvement; especially in day mode which used to have red text and a red taskbar over white. The red has been toned down a lot so now it's just the taskbar.

CSS Variables are now built in to Postmill!

As always, please donate to /u/emma if you can to aid in future development. Her bitcoin info:



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rot wrote

nice, I never really liked the contrast default css style. Not sure of how I feel about the roboto type face


[deleted] wrote


ziq OP wrote

Rate-limiting has also been implemented to deal with comment spammers, like that shoplifter who kept spamming the n word hundreds of times. People are now limited to 10 comments per 5 minutes / 15 submissions per 5 minutes.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Well that's really great!


ziq OP wrote

We also have username pings now!

/u/Dumai fuck you.


ziq OP wrote

It's limited to 10 pings per submission/comment.

So all these people will now be pinged:

/u/RosaReborn /u/bloodrose /u/ThreadBot /u/Tequila_Wolf /u/BunnyBop /u/selver /u/PerfectSociety /u/surreal /u/mofongo /u/freux

But /u/Dumai won't be because they're the 11th username in the comment.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I like this ping thing! Now we don't have to hit and hope.


Dumai wrote




ziq OP wrote

/u/emma changed the default font to Roboto across all platforms inspired by your personality :)))


Mango wrote

The new font is so nice... much better than the other one.