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sudo wrote

I agree, but I think it's important to point out that this only applies to trolls. If someone seems legitimately interested in debating leftist ideology, and they want to discuss in good faith, I think it's good to engage with that person, because you may actually convince them. I'm sure the current fascist trolls will quickly grow bored of trolling if we follow this tactic.


aiwendil wrote (edited )

Absolutely. Furthermore that is really up to every individual to decide, but I think once we know what to look for with trolls, it helps us to not fall for the trolling.

I definitely want to debate with people and share ideas and actual confirmable science and facts to challenge how I think(like how quantum mechanics experiments show that particles can change their path based on some randomize event in the future... like that is a seriously challenging idea), but when somebody says something like, "look at chicago, there are a lot of _____ people there and it's got lots of crime," This is not an actual statement of fact, because there are plenty of other communities that demographically mirror Chicago and don't have the same issues with gun violence for example(that is just one way in which a statement like that is intentionally misleading). That kind of cherry picking is specifically designed to hook you. They know it is going to hit a nerve for a lot of people and then that is likely to cause an anger infused debate, which those guys seem to thrive on. So I think the best thing is maybe to educate people on spotting the hook and avoiding being ensnared by it so these guys do get bored and go away.


adhdferret wrote

Ok let's not take Chicago.

New Orleans, Atlanta, Trenton NJ, Furgeson, or the many others where it is majority black. I will let you pick one.