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aiwendil wrote

Indeed, but I have noticed a lot of people spending a lot of time arguing with a few bad actors that have no intention of making this site better, but in asserting some sort of moral superiority for their abusive actions. It is not productive at all. If somebody has asked you to stop doing what you are doing and you continue to do it, that is a form of abuse that we don't need to engage in here. So I think we could all use a reminder that they aren't here to debate in any productive way, so much as to dominate narratives that they already dominate on their home sites. There are plenty of places on the internet that will engage them. We don't have to. That time I think is better spent actually figuring out ways to banish them back to 4chan or whatever dark chasm they came from.


ziq wrote

My strategy is to out-troll them, but I think I'm gonna do your non-engagement thing now because this particular concern troll is boring my skin off.