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betterletter wrote

like you care, whitey


ctuyed OP wrote

You're not white? But you're a goth.


Mango wrote

Shut the fuck up whitey, go stick that toothbrush up your ass


KentTheramine wrote

The usual answer for Socialists concerning Culture is either keeping it & using the same Culture(Stalin), Uprooting Culture & making a Socialist Culture(Mao) & Make your own Culture that can influence others(Goldman &or Oscar Wilde). Mine is the most latter.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, this is definitely a long-running problem, but there are also incredible revitalization efforts underway. Specifically, indigenous languages are being re-taught in southern mexico, western South america, and ireland. so while we are losing a bunch, there is an incredible resurgence for certain cultures too, and i think that's a great thing. i wish the article had touched on that more