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mofongo wrote

All right, there is this book called "The conquest of bread", you can start with that.

If you want something shorter, then read "Value, price and profit".


adhdferret wrote

So lemme get this right.

You based morality off a book instead of life experience? So much for independent thought and yay to group think.

Before you go there no I am not religious.


mofongo wrote

My communism is not based on morality but based upon my lived experience within this system and expanded upon the analysis and cririques of many theorists.

My morality is based upon upbringing, family life, economic life, lived experience, and reading about morality, ethics and sociology.


MrPim wrote

You could maybe explain it yourself. I mean I dont have those books at hand. So a discussion is where you explain your POV and I reply. And if youve read and understand those books, you should be able to summarize them.

So, can you discuss things?

Forgive me in advance if I may seem a little harsh in my language. Goats play no shit and we give each other every shade of blue hell. Polite is rude where I come from