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adhdferret wrote

Oh I won't deny your titles you issue if that is the way you feel you don't display racism yourselves.

I am here because I honestly do not understand how you can be all live and let live. You see crime statistics? Or whatever other metric you want to go by?

Look at Chicago alone. Yet you call me the bad guy because I see it. I say something about it?


mofongo wrote

You're missing the forest for the trees. The issue is primarily economic.


adhdferret wrote

Is it really? Take the poorest Mexican area or the poorest other minority you want and compare to black of the same size and see if the numbers are the same.

Within the USA.


ziq admin wrote (edited )

Okay, this site is starting to look like r/the_donald with you spouting this tiresome bullshit... white supremacy is specifically against the ToS so you're b& now. Don't come back please.