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aiwendil wrote

Troll comments: "It's not that I am racist, but every ______ I have come in contact with is bad."

I'd really like to thank the admins here for all your work helping to keep these shitheads out.

I'm sorry you guys have so much work to do here banning these fuckers. I am based out of the US, so there are obvious problems with me helping out, but if there is anything I can do aside from the obvious "don't feed the trolls," please let me know. Maybe we could implement something where you have to request a certain refferer header or something in order to use Tor here. That way anybody abusing it can easily be blocked. I think that is a pretty good compromise.


adhdferret wrote

Oh I won't deny your titles you issue if that is the way you feel you don't display racism yourselves.

I am here because I honestly do not understand how you can be all live and let live. You see crime statistics? Or whatever other metric you want to go by?

Look at Chicago alone. Yet you call me the bad guy because I see it. I say something about it?


mofongo wrote

You're missing the forest for the trees. The issue is primarily economic.


adhdferret wrote

Is it really? Take the poorest Mexican area or the poorest other minority you want and compare to black of the same size and see if the numbers are the same.

Within the USA.


ziq admin wrote (edited )

Okay, this site is starting to look like r/the_donald with you spouting this tiresome bullshit... white supremacy is specifically against the ToS so you're b& now. Don't come back please.


mofongo wrote

Your idea would make the use of tor useless because someone could track users using those headers.


aiwendil wrote (edited )

That actually isn't true. Essentially, when you log in to this site you are given a cookie to indicate to the backend that you are logged in. All the system I am thinking of would do is create another cookie that says your browser is authorized to use the website with tor and tie that to a valid email address. That address could be through something like 10minutemail or guerilla mail, thus not identifying any more than just logging in. The backend of this website can already track the actions of a user, as can all websites, but there is really no additional information being passed to the website. The website is just taking advantage of already trackable information that is non-identifying to make it much more impractical to spam. You would have to go through a registration process for each spam account you wanted to create that would make it much less efficient to do so. For the casual reader that doesn't want to have their browsing tracked while not logged in as this would ideally be implemented just for those user that wish to log in and participate while using tor.

Just so you know: Any website you visit using tor can already determine you are using tor. Any website you log into is storing some kind of session cookie in your browser.

With those two tidbits it is possible to create a non-identifying system that makes it easier to block abusive accounts, by simply invalidating their tor cookie and making them re-apply for one.

From this sites perspective the only thing tor obscures is your originating IP address. Once you log in any action you take on the website can be correlated to your browser through your session cookie, so adding an additional session cookie would not in any way reveal your IP address. In order to protect yourself it is important that you pick a username that doesn't identify you and use an email that doesn't identify you and you will still be fine. Tor is designed to protect you even from the sites that do a ton of tracking, of which raddit doesn't really seem like one of them.