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ziq OP wrote

You hope I get robbed at gunpoint?

With all my heart.

So you support criminal behavior

Looks like.

and even wish it on others you don't like?


I mean why don't you do it.....

You don't have anything I want.

you sound as if you are prepared to die for your cause.

Because I wished a racist would get his crap stolen? K.

Me I don't want to die for my ideals. I would prefer to live long enough that I see them to the end.

That's the point when I'd like to die. When you've shaped the world in your repulsive image.

That is the difference between you and I.

Nah, pretty sure the difference is I have a personality, guy.

I came here to explain this to you and I didn't wish you any harm. I was even respectful with the pronoun use. Yet you wish harm on me...... Odd how it is the people I associate with are the bad guys.

Robbing your white ass would only harm the hero robber who had to smell you piss yourself.


adhdferret wrote

Ok well you want an echo chamber to fulfill some morbid need to be acceptable somewhere. We all need to have worth so at least you have that going for you.

As I said my views are my own, and I don't expect you to understand them. I hope you don't and not for your sake but your offspring, because you have lots of hate inside you got something.

Your reply as to why you wouldn't rob me is telling.

"You don't have anything I want."

So you feel theft is the way to aquire what you want? I mean I work for things. Well not currently as I am recovering from an injury sustained at work. Thing is that I paid for the sort term disability and unemployment that I am receiving now.

Well will be shortly. Never have I found it appropriate to steal stuff from someone else.

Well I am going to look around and see more about this place. Don't worry either as I will follow your rules.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

If this were an echo chamber, you'd be banned already.

Don't be so fragile all the time, it's embarrassing.