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F_x wrote

I think having access to so much information made us more critical of who is surrounding us. Middle-age folk seems to tolerate their friends shitty behaviour while "our" generation won't tolerate that shit.

I also believe that we have an easier time finding like-minded people online but those relationship doesn't give the proximity we need and at the end of it we aren't happier and trying to keep those relationship means more time online.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

yea, I think that's a good part of it.

I think another reason is that it's becoming easier and easier to fill every empty moment with phone usage, so it's becoming less and less socially acceptable to strike up a talk with a random person, just in case you're interrupting something, y'know?

and at least for me, it's easier to distract myself with a laptop or something in public than to interact with people more and actually overcome whatever anxieties I've got and get better at making friends. that's probably a common one, unless i'm over-projecting.