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mofongo moderator wrote

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All right you ignorant fool, I'll indulge you in your half-assed attempt to whitewash the past.

Why are people suggesting that Europeans were responsible for a genocide (hint: there were several)? Let's take a look, do you know which was the first act of Columbus on his second voyage when he was received as a friend by Anacaona? He trapped all the people in the village in the bohio and burned them to death.

Did the Cortez do when his life was spared by the Mayan general after having his "army's" ass beaten to oblivion and invited to the, well, Mayan king's court? Kill the king and demand a gold tribute.

What did Pizarro do when he reached Inca lands and was received with a great welcome? Take the king hostage and demand gold.

What did British colonists did to the very same Indigenous people that shared their food so they didn't die in the winter?

Time and time and time again, the first contact of the Europeans with the people of the Americas has been driven with greed and blood lust. Had there not being smallpox, it would have been lead; conquer and decimation was their goal, no matter how long it took. This decimation is something that continues today, just take a look at /f/indigenous.

Now that your simple act of genocide denial has a crater size hole, what do you have to say about it?


xvx wrote

You're pushing a narrative that has little proof. Sure, there was invasion and warfare, and plenty of war crimes. That's the history of humanity. The Indigenous tribes of the America's were warrior tribes for a reason and were highly versed in warfare themselves.

The narrative that I'm questioning is that white people invaded the America's to kill everyone and take everything. Too many times do I see the story being pushed as '95% of NA's were killed by Europeans in warfare and by biological warfare'. That's completely false! The European settlers were a small minority compared to the approx. 112 million natives, and would have had zero chance of defeating them in battle, even with advanced weapons. Biological warfare didn't even properly exist until the early 1900s.

Smallpox has devastated the globe. During the 20th century, it is estimated that smallpox was responsible for 300–500 million deaths worldwide. It finally came to the Americas courtesy of unwitting European settlers and African slaves.

The narrative that smallpox was deliberately used to kill 95% of Native Americans holds little weight and has no proof.


Pop wrote

for someone who talks about proof you've been pretty slow with your citations


mofongo wrote

The point is dimwit, even if smallpox and other old world diseases weren't used as bio weapons all of the time, they were used as such some of the time, specially smallpox.

Even taking out old world diseases of the equation, it does not negate the very much other real acts of genocide Europeans committed against the people of the Americas.