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tanattyn wrote

Goddess save, if only I was a religious right white cishet man (lutherblissett), I could post TWEF/SWEF bullshit, become a mod, and join the other white cishet men teaming up on an unpopular trans woman (me) to sexually harass her, and pathologize her anger at racism (Defasher), on a trans woman's leftist/anarchist-only site.

This is why I gave up on anarchism. IRL white men are the same as far-right scum that pretend to be Marxist/anarchist online, I can't tell some difference I'm supposed to find between them. Their misogyny is almost unchecked, almost like white women are obsessed with encouraging it. If they were - well, radically, different than this, I could believe in anarchy or communism. But no, they want nothing but zero-sum war with women. Their Marxism/anarchism is almost always just a mask for wanting access to more women, like Solanas said for all her other faults. They deserve to be brutally exploited to the maximum possible extent.