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foggymorn wrote

How biased is the media coverage? Is there a lot of settler propaganda being fed out?


GidimtenSolidarity OP wrote

The coverage focuses on this idea that the hereditary chiefs are divided, and then use 3 year old footage of a Haisla elected band council member talking about how the pipeline is good for jobs. The Haisla have nothing to do with this territory. They couldn't find a chief of the Wet'suwet'en territory that was divided to say anything on the news because they aren't divided in this territory. Both Unist'ot'en and Gidimt'en people do not want a pipeline to destroy the land they depend on, and are using to heal their people.

More propaganda might include the idea that it's just "natural gas" but I have spoken to people working on the pipeline, and they even say that it is being built to a standard for moving oil. So even if it is used for "natural gas" at first, it should be expected to switch at one point.

The RCMP claim that they are not blockading any longer, but they continue to blockade and prevent people from returning to their home there in Gidimt'en territory.

For news directly from the source, check this website.