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GidimtenSolidarity OP wrote

Many of us are tired but relieved to be out of jail. The women in the holding cell and jail were treated terribly and weren't allowed to sleep, weren't given much food, and no blankets or matresses, locked in cold rooms for a long period and dragged into court with a complete disorientation process.

Personally I'm exhausted and court was really odd and disorienting. They woke us up at 7 AM in a holding cell and rushed us to the court house, but we didn't even know it was a court house until we were escorted in a room with a judge on a tv from vancouver, and packed court room. We were forced to wait because they had to have a room that had a red carpet.

Transcanada got reamed by the judge apparently just before we appeared and he stormed out. I hear it was a complete mess, but don't really know the details of the case.

Since then I heard that Trans Canada is now changing their name to "TC Energy", so that's interesting timing.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Thanks! Is there much outside support?