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ziq wrote (edited )

This year, a handful of students did fall in line as always. The majority of students, however, rebelled. By day two of the simulation, the students were contacting members of administration, writing letters, and creating protest posters. They were organizing against me and against the admin. They were stomping the hallways, refusing to do as they were told.

Let's just hope they hold onto their anarchy and don't conform by the time they enter the workplace. They've got a lot of years of conditioning ahead of them where the system expends all its resources into breaking them or removing them from society if they can't be broke.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

I was libertarian socialist without being "politically literate". Once I learned about anarchism and started reading, I dived head first into it.

I can't say I was anarchist at the time because I still believed in a few ghosts about minarchist states (for sewer and stuff like that).


neverinNJ wrote

But that spark of freedom even if not used, is never forgotten. Besides the alternative can't be that attractive :-)


neverinNJ wrote (edited )

There were signs of radicalness internalized and some radicals in the school. But school at the age is where you are figuring out things and getting the emotional stuff out of the way. As you gain more experience, you have opportunity to see things as they are and begin to decondition yourself. You see that the majority party systems don't change things, and instead watch the interesting things happening at the edges of society (As Howard Zinn mentioned in People's History.) So I would fit in the later category.

Life has the choice of accepting, changing or running away. Change carries the most arrows in the back. But the most satisfying.


neverinNJ wrote

I ended the experiment two days earlier than I had planned because their rebellion was so strong and overwhelming. For the first time since I’ve done this experiment, the students "won."What I learned is this: Teenagers will be the ones to save us.

Not sure if saving is the term I would use or wait around to be saved. But an interesting experiment nonetheless.