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alex wrote (edited )

why are there so many tankies on instagram/online in general? shit sucks. unrelated, i really don’t feel like doing anything lately, not depressed right now though at least, just lazy. hope everyone had a good week.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm not sure if it's because I don't bother to notice them or not, but I don't notice much by way of tankies online. I don't have instagram though.

Maybe it's not lazy, just burnout? I'm projecting.


existential1 wrote

I also don't use social media outside of raddle and r/nba. I tried mastadon for a bit but got bored with it. I just think my quality of life went up when my social media use went down. It sucks to have cuttoff perceived ties to former grad school friends and stuff (had facebook groups) but honestly, I still have their phone numbers and we still visit a few times a year. Not a whole lot of downside from cutting the stuff way out.


ziq wrote (edited )

Because the people of the world have been fucked up by authoritarian civilization and the state-dependence culture it creates where they're unable to trust in themselves and their tribe (and frequently are so isolated they don't have a tribe) and instead think they need an authoritarian organization to put food in their mouths and assign them selfworth / "security".