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kore wrote (edited )

Ah thanks for reposting this! I've been thinking about this nonstop, there's this series made in the 60s by the National Board of Canada about traditional inuit lifeways called "Tuktu" and the other day in one of the episodes the narrator talks about a hunter self-deprecating! Saying how his harpoon was poorly made and the catch was measly. Cool stuff. Also if anyone is interested in hunter gatherer lifeways you should definitely check Tuktu out! The narration all seems to be translated oral stories, so there's very little western bullshit about the "noble savage man" or whatever. The stories and the footage they got is truly a cultural treasure

I think there's a fear of ridiculing any community members in leftist/anarchist spaces, but perhaps that fear is misguided if these hunter gatherers' techniques seem to work!