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ziq wrote

I'd honestly pay for a doxx of that guy after all the times he's doxxed and then sicked fascists after leftists.

He's human garbage and a proud snitch, as you can see in that thread, and I wish a good samaritan would come forward with information so he can be dealt with. Someone must know him irl.


tanattyn wrote

Scratch a child/teen-rape apologian, and underneath you will find opposition to the left, and vice-versa.


zod wrote

The sick thing is, whenever someone brings up his pedoing, they get flooded with pedo accusations on r/drama. I've seen it happen 4 times now.


Pentium6core wrote

Fucking hell this site is broken.

"Given the support for raping children from leftists in general it's pretty ironic that you'd say this." Was supposed to be a reply to tanattyn.


zod wrote

It was a reply to tanattyn...

Leftists don't support pedos, most people here openly call for them to be executed.