Submitted by mofongo in lobby

With the site's rising popularity, we decided to start a project to make our voices heard to a even bigger audience. Here is what we came up with:

Raddle Me Away: Her brother is becoming a cop, her boyfriend was killed by one, lost her job for attending the funeral. She now found a different look at life.

Fash and Fashier: Two alt-righters start their crusade to a white ethnostate, only to discover the people around them are not so interested. Rated Hilarious.

Gone with Hierarchy: A thoughtful Docudrama about the horrors brought by hierarchy before the revolution.

Alexa, my love: Imagine someone that listens to everything you say, understands your tastes, knows what to say. The perfect partner. Meet Alexa.

Queer and Furious: TBD



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Pop wrote

Why'd she lose her job for attending the funeral!? Outrageous. I must see this film. I hope she manages to save her brother from that terrible fate.