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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I think the problem with federation is that people still have to run the federated servers and the people running the servers inescapably have full access to all of the data on those servers. Since running such a server is beyond the skills or interest of most people, they'll have to pay someone else and trust that person not to read their private data.

I would love to be wrong, and have these services conquer the internet. But I think it will only ever be a tiny fraction of the web.

I think the real solution, which is barely in its infancy, is truly decentralized services. The goal is to run someone on your own device, even just a phone, and have it available to the world as though it were like Facebook or something.

For examples see the dat protocol ( ) plus the open source Beaker Browser ( ) and their concept truly decentralized Twitter clone, Fritter ( ).

Or see Secure Scuttlebutt ( )

There are also a number of projects trying to do this using cryptocurrency transactions as a messaging system. I think the general idea has merit, but I wouldn't touch cryptocurrencies (even the 'green' ones) with a ten foot pole for at least a few more years. The one that seems like it might have possibilities is the SafeNetwork ( ), which isn't a cryptocurrency and doesn't have a blockchain but often gets lumped together with them in discussions. I still would not invest in it, but I'm hoping it might become what the decentralized internet needs.