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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Significant portions of what comes through on f/COMPLETEANARCHY is shit. I delete a lot of it also, for that reason and because it's cluttering - that forum is taking up quite a bit of space, in the sense that it's quite new but already on the front page of the forum list.
Separately, it's COMPLETEANARCHY; that's reason enough to clear out state-friendly communist memes.

"Tankie" refers to specific communists, and that's clear in w/tankie, and though its not a term I use, I don't have a problem with anybody using it. Most of us know and admire at least some communists.

It's getting to the point over these last few days where these kinds of posts are amounting to spam, so please act appropriately.

How can you possibly have somebody like this running the site and expect to actually be accepted as communists or leftists in any fashion?

Many of us are quite active and accepted in various left spaces already, so this is not an issue. Many of us are not interested in participating in left spaces, and are post-left anarchists. Those individuals have very many critiques of leftism; here are some accessible introductions to their ideas:

Leftism 101 -
Your Politics is Boring As Fuck (article) -
The NGO Sector: Trojan Horse of Capitalism (zine) -
Unions Against Revolution (Zine) -
Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils (36pg Zine)
Give Up Activism (

There's also a wiki with more information, w/postleft.

What's up with your username?