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FULLCOMMUNIST wrote to Communism_not_Barbarism

This website is absolutely a hellhole. It is not revolutionary, it is not radical. Many of these users are anti-civ individualist anarchists with reactionary politics and parrot the same anti-communist rhetoric that the CIA would be proud of. I applaud you for being outspoken, but just know that we are a minority here.

But let me be facetious for a second, reading a lot of the posts on this website, I feel as though I can conclude that the anarchists on this site have a read a sum total of 2 paragraphs of theory, albeit shit theory.

I Agree With You

sudo wrote to Communism_not_Barbarism

Hey comrade, I saw your post calling out the anti-communist attitudes on this site, and I wanted to say that I agree with you, but not to waste your breath. 90% of the userbase of this website is lifestyle anarchists, or other crackpots. There were more actual communists at first, but a few of the more aggressive anarchists ran most of them off. This website is a lost cause. I think the best thing to do at this point is to start another website like this one, but make it exclusively for communists. (I would do this, but I don't have the means to host a website right now.)

my concerns on this reactionary raddle site

martasultan wrote to Communism_not_Barbarism

Seems to tolerate fascists



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BunnyBop wrote

That last one has to be either sarcasm or aimed at you because I've never seen a fascist here who didn't get their ass kicked and banned within a couple of days.

Secondly, the people here tend to be very well read and if you can't tolerate criticism of your precious philosophy, then no, you're not going to enjoy it here.


Fossidarity wrote

How exactly is this site and most people their politics here reactionary? If there's anyone who sounds like they want to go back to a previous political system it's you with your Soviet Union and China.


surreal wrote

well why don't you all just gtfo then


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

Because then you would win and you'd keep using this space to organize against communism.


surreal wrote

i don't give a shit about your precious communism


ziq wrote

they don't give a shit about communism either, let's be honest.


GrimWillow wrote

Why waste your time on an Anarchist site, when there are a ton of fash sites out there for you to "attack"? This is the internet, you found an Anarchist space among the sea of alt-right bullshit, and you choose to focus on it instead. It's laughable that you feel so righteous in doing this.

I think the best thing to do at this point is to start another website like this one, but make it exclusively for communists.

Postmill is FOSS, so here is your best bet. We're really are not that large of a space, so it wouldn't take long for you to make a similar community (for state loving tankies) since you like the software so much. Stop wasting everyone's time here.


ziq wrote (edited )

So much salt. Too bad you lot don't ever create your own shit instead of attaching yourselves to our revolutions to seize power... then you could make your own postmill instance and quit whining that we don't give raddle over to your perverse vanguard.

Edit: um martasultan is obv talking about you. Self awareness much?


Pop wrote

martasultan is obv talking about you

let's hope they are more discerning when they read all that theory they keep mentioning


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

We have r/communism, r/socialism, r/latestagecapitalism and r/FULLCOMMUNISM on reddit giving us millions of eyeballs everyday. We aren't moronic enough to separate ourselves from the general population like you lifestylists, our sites actually matter, no one cares about this liberal cesspool.


ziq wrote

uh... then why are you here? let us wallow in our filthy lifestylism and you go circlejerk about collectivist-capitalism on reddit.


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

This is in response to:


I can't respond directly because I was banned by an anarkid for no reason.


ziq wrote

no reason

Read the terms of service. If a mod didn't ban you, the community would have removed the mod for allowing bigotry.


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

An anarchist would have never been banned for such a mild offense. It was just an excuse to silence me.


BunnyBop wrote (edited )

Plenty of people have been banned for slurs. You aren't special. Tbh you're starting to seem like just a shitty person right now.


ziq wrote

anyone throwing slurs around gets banned.