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surreal wrote

i don't give a shit about your precious communism


ziq wrote

they don't give a shit about communism either, let's be honest.


GrimWillow wrote

Why waste your time on an Anarchist site, when there are a ton of fash sites out there for you to "attack"? This is the internet, you found an Anarchist space among the sea of alt-right bullshit, and you choose to focus on it instead. It's laughable that you feel so righteous in doing this.

I think the best thing to do at this point is to start another website like this one, but make it exclusively for communists.

Postmill is FOSS, so here is your best bet. We're really are not that large of a space, so it wouldn't take long for you to make a similar community (for state loving tankies) since you like the software so much. Stop wasting everyone's time here.