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ziq wrote (edited )

So much salt. Too bad you lot don't ever create your own shit instead of attaching yourselves to our revolutions to seize power... then you could make your own postmill instance and quit whining that we don't give raddle over to your perverse vanguard.

Edit: um martasultan is obv talking about you. Self awareness much?


Pop wrote

martasultan is obv talking about you

let's hope they are more discerning when they read all that theory they keep mentioning


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

We have r/communism, r/socialism, r/latestagecapitalism and r/FULLCOMMUNISM on reddit giving us millions of eyeballs everyday. We aren't moronic enough to separate ourselves from the general population like you lifestylists, our sites actually matter, no one cares about this liberal cesspool.


ziq wrote

uh... then why are you here? let us wallow in our filthy lifestylism and you go circlejerk about collectivist-capitalism on reddit.