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Hey! I told reddit I have proof of Russian propaganda on The_Donald and I'm here to deliver.

Use judgment before you click any links.

#Group 1 - Internet Research Agency / "USA Really"

Recently, a very The_Donald looking website started showing up ( almost exclusively on The_Donald. "GEOTUS" is a phrase T_D uses frequently to refer to Trump being "God Emperor of the United States" because cult. After my previous post, they have switched to using another (similar) domain ( The domain is registered and hosted in America, so naturally this must be safe to click and upvote, right? After clicking, you might notice all the links redirect to another website ( "USA Really" is registered and hosted in Russia. So what gives? If you go directly to or you'll see it's a link shortener service hosted by There are plenty of reasonable uses for link shortener services, but mostly you'll find spam and sites evading bans. So why would USA Really need to use this service? If you look at their about section, they conveniently link to their LinkedIn page. Wait, who's running this site? Alexander Malkevich, you know, the guy that works for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian billionaire known as "Putin's chef" currently under indictment by Robert Mueller for running the Russian troll farm Internet Research Agency (IRA). So, that innocent-sounding "American" website is actually Russian state propaganda, but big deal, there's only a few links. That's because their previous website was shut down and it has a ton of links targeting The_Donald. This is just the next iteration.

It's not just reddit, here they are on other platforms:



Live Journal







Sound Cloud

Archives on reddit archive on reddit archive on reddit archive on reddit archive 1 on reddit archive 2 on reddit archive 3 on reddit archive 4 on reddit archive 5 on reddit archive 6 on reddit archive 7 on reddit archive 8 on reddit archive 9 on reddit archive 10 on reddit archive 11 on reddit archive 12 on reddit archive 13 on reddit archive 14 on reddit archive 15 on reddit archive 16 on reddit archive 17 on reddit archive 18 on reddit archive 19 on reddit archive 20 on reddit archive 21 on reddit archive 22 on reddit archive 23 on reddit archive 24 on reddit archive 25 on reddit archive 26 on reddit archive 27 on reddit archive 28 on reddit archive 29 on reddit archive 30 homepage archive about us archive

#Group 2 - DRN Media PLC

I found another group of Russian propaganda sites I feel is worth investigating. I have no proof they're state-sponsored, but what is clear is that they are propaganda and they are Russian.

Reasons I think they're state-sponsored:

  • Site executives/founders are Russian nationals and have worked for Russian state-controlled media outlets.
  • Known Russian twitter and reddit accounts frequently share links from the sites real-time.
  • Content follows Russian propaganda hashtag trends consistently.
  • Shell companies based in Cyprus with shady PO box address in California are majority owner.

Reasons I'm not 100% sure:

  • They haven't specifically said they're Russian state-sponsored propaganda.
  • They run ads and a store. Idk, just seems odd.
  • They've been active for years.
  • They're still looking for investors.

All funnel to the most successful domain in the group:

They share the same adsense ID as a seemingly abandoned site:

Archives archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 7 archive 8 archive 9 archive 10 archive 11 archive archive archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 7 archive 8 archive 9 archive 10 archive 11 archive 12 archive 13 archive 14 archive 15 archive 16 archive 17 archive 18 archive 19 archive 20 archive 21 archive 22 archive 23 archive 24 archive 25 archive 26 archive 27 archive 28 archive 29 archive 30 archive 31 archive 32 archive 33 archive 34 archive 35 archive 36 archive 37 archive 38 archive

#Group 3 - Useful Idiots

I provide no warranty these sites are Russian, but they do look shady af.

TL;DR: Over a thousand propaganda submissions from Russian groups, spanning several years, primarily targeting the extremist, hate group The_Donald, which reddit still hasn't banned.




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