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ziq wrote

Really every piece of information can be spinned to mean anything the presenter of the information wants it to mean. Edward Bernays quickly realized he could make millions of people believe anything he wanted them to believe if he presented the information in the right way.

There really is no truth in media, no unbiased perspective; it's all propaganda on top of propaganda. So many layers of fiction that's been so ingrained into us that we can no longer recognize it as anything other than 'fact' or 'history' when it's anything but.

Scientific studies can be and are interpreted dozens of ways to suit opposing agendas. Everything we say when we put our spin on information we consume and disseminate is a desperate attempt to placate our egos. To convince ourselves and everyone around us that our intensely biased worldviews are valid and important and special.

It's all fabricated theatre. Distraction to keep us engaged with something, anything... Just so long as we're not left alone with our thoughts.