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AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

Does your essence have any medical journal articles to share on this subject? I'm pretty sure it's all in your head.


moto wrote

There are lots.

Every time you ejaculate, you lose the following nutrients: Vitamins B6, B12, and E; Calcium; Magnesium; Selenium; and Zinc.


BigGeorge wrote

Have you tried eating your semen so you don't lose any of that stuff?


Dystopia_Drifter wrote

Yeah! Fuck multivitamins! I'm going to get all my friends together for a nutrient swap!


Freux wrote

You know, everytime you pee you lose nutrients, maybe you should stop peeing too.


ziq wrote

True. Pee is filled with glorious nitrogen, giver of life.


AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

The website of a "relationship coach" (unlicensed/untrained therapist?) trying to sell their services to you is not a medical journal, try again.


BigGeorge wrote (edited )

Honestly though, I know it's true you lose zinc because of a genetic thing I struggle with where low zinc fucks me up, but you can still orgasm without ejaculating. Just apply pressure to your perineum as you cum. I've done that literally every time I orgasm for more than a decade to avoid ejaculating. It works best if you lay on your hand to apply more pressure.